We Welcome you to our website for WTYG 91.5 & 107.1 Christian Radio. We are a ministry of Central Baptist Church in Ocala Florida. We are here to provide our community with the Best in Christian Radio. This station is non-profit; non-commercial; and solely listener supported. This is Not a business to us; it is a ministry for the spreading of the Gospel using fundamental preaching and music. We are committed to lift-up Jesus Christ to our audience and bring honor and glory to God. We need your help to make this station a success. You can help by praying; by listening; by contacting us; by telling others; by giving.

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We are a 501(c)(3) Non-Profit Organization and All contributions are fully tax deductible. Individuals who would like to support our ministry through radio may mail their donations to our address at the bottom of this page. Businesses or individuals wishing to underwrite a portion of our programming and receive announcements about their business information during these programs may do so by calling 352-694-2212 ext. 227 during normal business hours(8-4) or by emailing: info@wtygfm.org Being a non-commercial radio station we are not allowed to accept traditional advertisements like for profit radio stations.

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Do you know without a doubt that if you were to die right Now that you would go to heaven and be with the Lord? If Not please click on the read more to find out how you can know that you will go to heaven.

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Program Schedule

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Take Us With You As You Travel During The Day. Download the Tunein App and look up WTYG. We have new Iphone and Android Apps coming soon.